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Talking about Touch My Body – Sistar


Look who’s back with another post! 😀 Today I’ll be talking about Touch My Body by Sistar! Let’s get to it, shall we? 😀

Sistar is a 4 member group (with Hyorin, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom) under Starship Entertainment. I’ve written a K-Pop Group of the Day already on them, so that should give some more context on the group and my opinions, if you want to check that out. 🙂

Song: Touch my bodyyy, bodyyy! I mean, I don’t know what you guys think about this song, but despite the sensual lyrics, I happen to find this a very catchy song. It’s very fun, bubbly, and it certainly has a nice tune to be a great summer song, which I’m guessing is what they were trying to go for with their concept. I love the saxophone playing in the background and the popping noises (if that makes any sense…I’m hoping you guys understand what I’m talking about). 😛 The song gets catchier as you listen to it and I see this as a song I’ll jam out to during the summer! 🙂 

Music Video: This video has summer written all over it, and personally, I’m actually quite liking the vibe. 😀 I love the vibrant colors, the fun props, and their outfits (seriously so pretty!). From the cameos (yeaaah No Hongchul!) to the sets, the video gives off a fresh, bubbly feel to it. It’s a fun music video, but one thing I didn’t like (This applies to their performances of Touch My Body in general) is the dance routine. Now it’d be unfair of me to say that I didn’t like the whole dance because some parts were cool, but no matter how much I try, I just can’t get myself to like the leg shake (among some other choreographies as well, but not as much). 😛 Despite this, the video is very appropriate to the vibe of the song! 😀  

Overall, I liked both the song and the video! 🙂 I think I would download it! If you’re craving a little bit more of Sistar, check out the acoustic version of the song and the dance practice of Touch My Body! 😀 Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I’m so so sorry this is up really late! 😦 I drafted this post a long time ago, but I was really busy and the fact that I was sick didn’t really help either. 😦 What did you guys think about Touch My Body? Let me know! Thanks for reading hehe, and I’ll try my best to catch up soon! 😀

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤


Talking about Day 1 – K. Will

Hey everyone! 🙂

How have you all been doing? I’ve been obsessed about soccer player Song Heung Min (I mean, it is the World Cup and he is so adorable), but today I am not here to talk about cute soccer players (although that does sound like fun :P), and instead, I’ll be talking about K. Will’s Day 1! I was originally planning on talking about a different release, but after watching this music video, I really wanted to mention this one first. As a fan of K. Will, I’m excited to talk about this release!

Image taken from askkpop.com. All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from askkpop.com. All rights go to the respective owners!

Song: I’m absolutely adoring it! His voice never fails to amaze me (and melt my heart :3) and this is the case for this song as well. The lyrics were really cute (they made me smile hehe) but my favorite lines had to be “I’m the most good-looking out of the worst”, which is how I would roughly translate it to from Korean because not only does it have that sweet element, it also has humor.  I’m loving the beat (and the guitar part) as well as the super catchy chorus. The song has a great balance between an amazingly sweet voice, adorable lyrics, and really nice instrumentation. I love this song; K. Will is amazing at conveying romance/love songs, and I think this definitely supports my claim. 😉 I’ll definitely be bobbing my head and happily singing along to Day 1!

Music Video: This video is another dimension of adorableness, and as much as I can’t get enough of the song, I can’t get enough of this super cute music video either! Park Minwoo is absolutely adorable and although he’s supposed to be playing the role of an “average looking guy”, we all know he’s so much more than that, especially with his acting in the video. 😉 Soyou and Minwoo look great together, but what I appreciated is, of course, the storyline of the video.  I briefly mentioned in the beginning of the post that I’ve been a fan of K. Will (for a while now actually), and one of the reasons for this is his great voice but also his interesting music videos (that I enjoy watching :D). This is yet another awesome music video. I loved the development of the relationship between the two (not to mention that K. Will is actually in his music video, because that’s rare!) and how the video made my heart flutter, and feel all warm inside. 🙂 I’m obsessed with this video and how it can tell the story of the song in such an entertaining and adorable way. 🙂

Overall, I’m loving the song and video and kudos to K. Will because he’s delivered yet another awesome video to go along with his great title track! I have already downloaded the song (the whole album, really and will definitely be checking it out soon). 🙂 How did you guys feel about Day 1? Let me know! Oh, and don’t forget to check out this adorable live performance of the song! Have a great weekend!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Obsession – Boyfriend

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’m back again for another Talking about, and today’s post will be on Obsession by Boyfriend! No long introduction today (compared to the other posts recently, hehe) so let’s get started! 🙂


Image taken from pop1gasa.com. All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from pop1gasa.com. All rights go to the respective owners!

Boyfriend is a 6 member group under Starship Entertainment. They debuted in 2011. The members consist of Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, and Minwoo. Fun fact: Youngmin and Kwangmin are twins (in case you couldn’t tell already haha). 😀

Song: Obsession is a really cool song with a super catchy chorus! The heavy beat and instrumentation made a lasting impression on me. I also liked the members’ singing (there’s something really charming about it in this particular song). I’ll admit, it did take me a while to really like the song and also for its addictiveness to spread to me (I don’t know why this is to be honest) but once it did, I immediately started singing along with it, and especially at the chorus because you guys know much I love those parts. It has a distinctive sound that makes me want to put the song on repeat. Overall, it’s a cool song that I enjoyed listening to!

Music Video: First thing’s first, I appreciated the fact that they incorporated a plot into their video. 🙂 That plot was slightly confusing to me, but that’s beside the point that they did include a story! It was quite obvious that they were taking a twist on Peter Pan’s story and that was quite an interesting approach, especially for a kpop video about a lover. I liked the fact that they tried something different, but I also thought that sometimes the connections were blurry between the story and video, but that’s just something personal. 🙂  As for other aspects to mention: I am in love with that pentagon, book-filled room at the beginning that can also be seen in other parts of the video, and I would love to have one of those in my house. 😀 The dance was really cool too, and the way the girl died at the end (with a bomb) surprised me because it’s a death I’ve never seen before in music videos, haha! Overall, there were a lot of creative aspects that made the video intriguing to watch.

I liked both the music video and the song! 🙂 Would I download it? Hm, I’d say yes,  mostly because it’s so catchy! What did you guys think about this release? Is this your new Obsession? (I’ve been waiting to make this pun the whole post! :P) I’d love to know!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Want U – JungGiGo

Hey friends! 🙂

I’m here today to talk about JungGiGo’s Want U, which was released yesterday! 😀 It always feels when I’m doing an introduction because they used to ramble a lot, but now I don’t know what to say here, but I still feel like I need some sort of an introduction, so what do you guys think about the posts? Are you excited for the many comebacks to happen soon? Let me know!

Image taken from soompi.com. All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from soompi.com. All rights go to the respective owners!

JungGiGo is an artist under Starship Entertainment, and he debuted in 2008. He was born on September 5th, 1980 which surprised me because he’s 34 years old! :O I swear he doesn’t look like this! But anyways, many of you might know him already from his collaboration with Soyou from Sistar (called Some, which I’ve mentioned in a few other posts), but today’s post will talk about his new song!

Song: First thing that stood out from the song was JungGiGo’s amazingly soothing voice! I noticed this already in Some (and I didn’t really know him before that, hehe), but his voice is so very smooth and I love this about this trait about the song as well. I don’t know if you guys have picked up on my music taste already, but this is definitely the type of song I like. Seriously though, his singing is so nice and I can’t get enough of it!  I really like the instrumentation, and most particularly the guitar riffs. This is a groovy song that I personally did enjoy! Beenzino’s rap is awesome once again, and the two went well together! I feel like this is one of those songs that will grow on me until I’m addicted (like Some was) and I am slowly liking it progressively more as I listen to it more. It’s definitely not the overpowering or super upbeat, loud type of song, so keep that in mind too!

Music Video: As for the music video, I don’t really have much to say because it was relatively simplistic (not to say that that is a bad thing, but just provides for less things to talk about I would say). That being said, I did like the dramatic lighting and fairly simple set. I mean, it’s probably not the most interesting video you’ve watched (certainly not the case for me either), but I think it works well with the song in general and particularly its grooviness. That’s pretty much all I have to say about the video! 😛

Overall, it was a nice song and okay video! 🙂 Would I download the song? Yep! 😀 What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! I’m really sorry this post is so short (I guess I didn’t have as much rambling as I always do). 😛 I hope you had a great Friday and I’ll see you guys in my next post!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! 🙂

K-Pop Group Of The Day: SISTAR

Hello guys!

I know I haven’t been posting in a while and I apologize for that. I don’t want you guys to think I’m slacking off (because I’m really not :(), but I just didn’t think it would be appropriate after the tragedy that occurred in South Korea. Please keep all those affected in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time and help or support them if you can.

Thank you for being patient. ❤ Today’s post will be a K-Pop Group of the Day on the awesome girl group SISTAR. SISTAR is a group under Starship Entertainment, and they debuted in 2010. The members consist of Hyorin, Dasom, Bora, and Soyou.

Looking gorgeous! 😉 Image taken from soompi.com. All rights go to the respective owners!

Favorite member? Well, the group only has 4 members which seems to be less than the average number of members, and because of this, I think it’s easier (for lack of a better word) to get to know the members better. That being said, I really like all of them because they are so talented, but I’d have to say that it’s either Hyorin because of her amazing voice and talent, or Soyou because of her great singing, but also all the awesome collaborations she is part of. One example of this is Some – JungGiGo & Soyou (among others which I will talk about soon!). Check it out!

Favorite song? This question wasn’t as difficult to answer as it was for other groups I’ve talked about (and I don’t really know why because I like all of their songs). My favorite SISTAR song is Loving U because it’s such a sweet, cute, catchy song, but also because it brings back memories from my trip to Korea in 2012. I’m not even kidding, every other shop or café I went in had this song playing in the background. :3 Either way, I think it’s a great summer song. What do you guys think? You can click here to check it out! Also, another song I want to talk about is SISTAR19 – Ma Boy, which you can check out here! It isn’t technically a SISTAR song, but let’s just say it counts since SISTAR19 is their subunit :3. I’m mentioning it because not only is it an awesome song, but the dance was memorable, for me at the least. I remember people around me were obsessed with it, and most people tried to copy it 😛 I think it’s a catchy song that you should listen to if you haven’t already.

One thing that sets them apart from others? I think the answer to this would probably have to be their dancing (as they always have super fun ones to follow) topped with each member’s great vocals!

Overall opinion? Well, I think SISTAR is great, based on what I know of their super catchy songs, fun dances, and great singing! I have yet to be greatly disappointed by their releases and as of now, I am impressed with their releases and accomplishments. 🙂

What are your opinions about SISTAR? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper. ❤

Talking about Without You – Mad Clown

Hi guys! 😀

How are you all doing? I hope you had an awesome day today! I am back with another Talking about on Without You by Mad Clown, featuring Hyolyn from Sistar. Check it out here! By the way, I’ve been thinking about doing list type posts, whether it be about songs, performances, etc. so let me know if you think they’d be cool! Anyways, let’s get started!

Image taken from soompi.com. All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from soompi.com. All rights go to the respective owners!

Mad Clown is part of Starship X-Entertainment and debuted in 2008. I know this introduction part is really short, but I don’t really know what else to include here, especially since I wasn’t able to find too much information on him.

Song: Go Mad Clown and Hyolyn, because this is a great song! I love Mad Clown’s rapping and the background sounds and noises, as well as the guitar part. It was very beautiful :3 Really though, I love the build up until the climax part, when Hyolyn’s beautiful vocals kicks in. Obviously, Hyolyn is an amazing singer and her voice really adds to the song, other than the fact that she makes the chorus part awesome. This is one of those types of songs that you don’t really need to talk much about, because it’s really nice and you don’t know how to explain it. That’s at least what I think right now. Anyways, even though the song is really pretty, it’s still really catchy at the same time. I apologize for not being too descriptive but I don’t know how to explain it other than the fact that I definitely enjoyed it. 🙂

Music Video: I liked the music video! I thought they did a great job of comparing the situation of when he was with his love and without her. :3 By the way, I was quite happy when they actually had a porcupine at the part when they were talking about it in the lyrics. (It’s the little things, guys hehe) Putting that adorable porcupine aside, there were a lot of really beautifully filmed shots. 😀 One thing that really shocked me was when the girl returned to her house at the end 😮 because I wasn’t expecting that. I guess I thought that it was his house that he was trashing, out of rage, instead of it being her house. Does that make sense? Maybe I’m understanding it wrong.. Overall, l it was a nicely edited and interesting video. I approve, and it was really fitting to the sadness and the lyrics of the song. 😀

Overall, I was impressed by both the song and the video? Would I download the song? Yes, definitely! What do you think? Make sure to leave me a comment! I’m not lying when I say I’d love to know what you guys think, so please feel free to comment on whatever you want, even if it’s about something that may be unrelated. ❤ Sorry for the short post :3 I guess I wasn’t rambling as I often do in these posts hehe. See you guys tomorrow! 🙂

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤