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Talking about Touch My Body – Sistar


Look who’s back with another post! 😀 Today I’ll be talking about Touch My Body by Sistar! Let’s get to it, shall we? 😀

Sistar is a 4 member group (with Hyorin, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom) under Starship Entertainment. I’ve written a K-Pop Group of the Day already on them, so that should give some more context on the group and my opinions, if you want to check that out. 🙂

Song: Touch my bodyyy, bodyyy! I mean, I don’t know what you guys think about this song, but despite the sensual lyrics, I happen to find this a very catchy song. It’s very fun, bubbly, and it certainly has a nice tune to be a great summer song, which I’m guessing is what they were trying to go for with their concept. I love the saxophone playing in the background and the popping noises (if that makes any sense…I’m hoping you guys understand what I’m talking about). 😛 The song gets catchier as you listen to it and I see this as a song I’ll jam out to during the summer! 🙂 

Music Video: This video has summer written all over it, and personally, I’m actually quite liking the vibe. 😀 I love the vibrant colors, the fun props, and their outfits (seriously so pretty!). From the cameos (yeaaah No Hongchul!) to the sets, the video gives off a fresh, bubbly feel to it. It’s a fun music video, but one thing I didn’t like (This applies to their performances of Touch My Body in general) is the dance routine. Now it’d be unfair of me to say that I didn’t like the whole dance because some parts were cool, but no matter how much I try, I just can’t get myself to like the leg shake (among some other choreographies as well, but not as much). 😛 Despite this, the video is very appropriate to the vibe of the song! 😀  

Overall, I liked both the song and the video! 🙂 I think I would download it! If you’re craving a little bit more of Sistar, check out the acoustic version of the song and the dance practice of Touch My Body! 😀 Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I’m so so sorry this is up really late! 😦 I drafted this post a long time ago, but I was really busy and the fact that I was sick didn’t really help either. 😦 What did you guys think about Touch My Body? Let me know! Thanks for reading hehe, and I’ll try my best to catch up soon! 😀

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤


Talking about Back – Infinite

Hi guys! 🙂

As I already mentioned in my other post, today I’ll be talking about Infinite, who is back with Back! (he..hehe..) I didn’t know they’d be releasing a song so soon after Last Romeo (err… or it feels like Last Romeo wasn’t too long ago. :O), but hey, the more the merrier! 😀 Oh and I have already written a Talking about on Last Romeo too, so go check it out if you’re craving a little more on Infinite. :3

Song: I was totally enjoying this song by the first listen, and I feel like that says a lot about the song. I loved the beginning in particular (something about the piano part is just so awesome to me), but the whole song was really great. 😀 Their voices are definitely very strong and aren’t hidden under the instrumentals, which is fantastic too! I feel like Infinite takes a lot of unique approaches in terms of their music, and I find it impressive that they were able to take such a style (as the one in Back) and execute it so well. This song is definitely one I feel like I wouldn’t get tired of too easily. Solid song! 😀

Music Video: The plot for the music video was quite straightforward actually, with the Infinite members fighting the bad guys (I’m calling them bad guys 😡 haha) who have kidnapped the girl. This is the part I’m not sure about (because as you guys could probably tell by my other posts, I’m a very clueless person, especially when it comes to music video plots), as I’m guessing that the girl is like a little sister to the members….right? As for the members themselves, they look so fashionable for a fight, but hey, no complaints on how good they look. 😉 That one guy (sorry I don’t know all their names 😦 I’m terrible at memorizing members’ names so I apologize hehe) that’s ready to fight with the umbrella though haha! Nah, but joking aside,  hm, I’m sensing a continuation of the plot from Back with a future video… especially after that ending, right? That should totally be a thing if they aren’t planning it already. 😀 Anyways, although the video wasn’t the most unique of concepts, I certainly was interested whilst watching it. What did you guys think of it?

So, would I download this song? Yes, I would! 😀 Hope you guys enjoyed this post and have an awesome week!

Oh, P.S. check out Tablo and Taeyang’s live performance of Eyes, Nose, Lips! (I just stumbled across it whilst looking through youtube videos). To answer a few questions, yes, I am still not over this song. :3 Yes, I’m still as obsessed with this song as I was last month. And yes, you should definitely watch this performance! 😀

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Good Bye Bye – NU’EST

Hello there 😉 (Creepy much)

Today I’ll be having a #tbt post (I totally was planning this for Thursday but oops :S right) with Good Bye Bye by NU’EST! It was released over a week ago and the reason why I’m talking about it now is because I don’t really think there are any releases for me to talk about right now (at the point I planned this, but I believe there are a few now) so might as well go with one from a little while back that I missed out on! I was actually going to talk about NU’EST when this title track was released, but I ended up not doing it. Here’s my chance to talk about it, and aw yeah let’s take it! 😀

NU’EST (how do you even pronounce their name… New East? Newest? Uh….) has been active since 2012 under Pledis Entertainment. The members consist of JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren. I don’t know much about this group (hehe) and the only member I really knew of beforehand was Ren, so this is a good opportunity for me to get to know the group more. :3 

Song: In a general sense, I will say that I did indeed like the song. :3 My favorite part is the chorus itself, which has a great melody, but I don’t know if I like the other parts as much as I like the chorus if that makes any sense. I don’t know how to quite explain it, but I guess I elaborate by saying that it just doesn’t work well (to me personally, that is) with this chorus, which I happen to think is amazing. I hope that makes sense :p  I still will listen to the song, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something holding me back from really loving it. Either way, although my feelings towards this song might not be strong enough to say that I’m obsessed with it, I definitely like it! :3  

Music Video: What an… interesting video! With live fish eating and vomiting flowers (which looks more graceful in the video than it sounds), this video surely has some unusual things going on. Despite those things, what grabbed my attention the most was Ren. I can’t get over how gorgeous he looks in this video… Seriously! I keep looking at him haha (and who knew he had such a great body I mean.. erm…what? :P) Well… I’ll have to say that I liked the editing (more specifically the transitions) and camerawork at some parts, but I think the excessive lens flares could’ve been excluded (I realize I’m quite picky about lens flares, haha, but it was very blatant in this video). The members and the video looked cool, but I’m still confused about what is happening, and since I know there can be a lot of differences in interpretation, I’d love to know what you think is happening in the video. Let me know!

Overall, I like the song (the chorus is seriously growing on me) and the video was cool too I guess hehe. What did you think about? Leave me a comment! Would I download this song? Hm… yeah, why not? 😀 Sorry about this short post, but I’ll make up for it next time with Infinite (ooh look forward to that)! 😀 Thanks for reading!

Hugs from your fellow K-popper! ❤

K-Pop Group of the Day: Beast

Hello everyone! 🙂

Since I haven’t published posts from other segments, I’ve decided to make up for the lack of those posts by doing one today! 😀 The group I’ll be focusing on is Beast! I personally have been a fan of Beast for quite a long time, and although I guess I could still be considered one, I’m definitely not as obsessed with them as I was around 2011 or so (I believe that’s the year of my crazy fangirling haha :P). Either way, in homage of their success with Good Luck, let’s get to talking about the group! 

Favorite member? If you asked me this a few years ago (when I was obsessed with them), I would’ve answered Kikwang without hesitation. Now (that I’m not so obsessed with them), I’d probably have to say that I don’t have a solid favorite out of the group, but if I had to choose one I’d probably choose Yoseob because of his amazing singing. 🙂

Favorite song? Beast has so many awesome songs. Really. In fact, Good Luck is great too! 😀 Out of all their songs though, my favorite would have to be, hands down, Beautiful. It’s my favorite because this super catchy song made me become a fan of Beast, and with performances from it, I familiarized myself with the group. You definitely should listen to it if you haven’t already! It’s a different style (definitely) from Good Luck, which you might not be used to, but it’s nonetheless my favorite until now. 

One interesting detail/story about the group? I’d like to note that I’ve slightly broadened this question (which used to ask about one thing that sets the group apart) because I felt like I wanted a question in which I could expand on stories or details (as the question says haha) about that particular group, whether it be something I’ve experienced or I’ve seen online in a performance, concert, etc.! 🙂 So yeah, to answer this new question… Other than their amazing performances, I would have to say that an interesting story about the group is the concert I went to when they were in my area! I believe it was around 2011, if I’m not mistaken, so it was a little while back. Their performance was amaaazing, but Kikwang (who was my favorite member at the time) was injured, so he couldn’t really perform 😦 He just sat in a chair instead haha! It was actually a United Cube…Concert? Something like that haha so 4minute, G.NA, and Beast came (because at that time, the other groups hadn’t debuted yet… I believe? I don’t know, I have a terrible memory :P). They were all really great and it was a good experience 🙂 especially because I was so close to the stage and the members hehe. It was sweaty and there was a lot of pushing, but I guess it was worth it since I was such a big fan of them at that time hehe. :3

Overall opinion? I really like this group! I would say that my loss of “interest” (for lack of a better word) in the group from when I was a hardcore fan (b2uty lol if you will) to now is not because of a decline in the quality of their music, but rather a personal change, in which I basically stopped keeping up with groups as much as I did before (which is true about MBLAQ as well if you see my other post. I became a fan of MBLAQ after I had lost interest in Beast :3). Nonetheless, their music is great and I’m happy as long as they release awesome songs as they have until now. 😀 

What do you guys think about Beast? Make sure to check out my Talking about on both Good Luck and No More! 🙂 I’d love to see your comments answering these questions about Beast too! Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading and checking out my blog! ❤ 

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Solo Day – B1A4

Hi guys! 

I’m so upset right now 😦 This is the 3rd time I write this post (and by that I mean rewriting the whole thing even after it was complete 2 times) because technical difficulties have stood in my way and posting about B1A4 (why oh why must there be these problems 😦 ) Sorry for the delay, didn’t think I would be having so much trouble with this. 😦 Oh well, I’m still excited to talk about this group so here goes Talking about B1A4’s Solo Day! 😀 

B1A4 is a group under WM Entertainment that debuted in 2011. The members consist of Baro, Sandeul, Gongchan, CNU, and Jinyoung. I actually really like B1A4 and their songs (they are my jam!) so I’m hoping this is another great song too! 🙂 

Song: “It’s getting new round, girl”. After trying to seriously figure out what they were saying with this line, I could only actually understand what they were saying after I Googled it. Even now, though, I have no idea what this sentence actually means. Despite this confusing line however, I  really enjoyed the song! 🙂 I love the cheeriness and catchiness of it! B1A4 has a distinctive music style and said style is evident in the song as well. This song would be great to blast in the car with friends, or just to listen to it by yourself in your room (which is probably what I’m going to do hehe). 😛 I really liked the whistling parts (made the song a lot nicer in my opinion) and Solo Day is a great song for the Summer Day (which I kept confusing with Solo Day). 😉 I didn’t really recognize how addicting this song was until I realized I was singing it in my head, and wanting to listen to it again, as I was doing some unrelated task. This goes to show that yes, I liked this song! 😀

Music Video: Guys… I’m confused. :S I hope I’m not the only one that feels this way about the plot. I don’t think I understood what was happening fully… Well, instead of this, let’s talk about some other elements! First off, I really liked how this music video seemed more like a movie to me (which I definitely mean as a compliment)! The video looks great too, with the cool settings and props they used. I loved the cartoon style introductions of the characters (really creative and awesome :D), but I also thought it was fun how they stayed true to those characters throughout the video (especially Baro hehe). I especially appreciated the humor in the video, such as the baby crawling on the beach, the boys fighting with each other, or even just the way they dealt with the UFO situation. 😀 Oh, also, all that food (at 2:53) is basically my inner desires haha! 😛 The video definitely has a lot of great things going on, and despite whatever difficulties I had understanding it (ha) I still did have fun watching it! 🙂

Overall, I really liked the song and the video was cool too! :3 What did you guys think about Solo Day? I would definitely download this track! In fact, I’m also thinking of downloading the album just to check it out! 🙂 I really feel like I’ve missed a lot of stuff to talk about in this post, but I guess that’s a natural consequence when you rewrite the post 3 times (ugh). I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and hopefully I’ll be back sometime soon with a post from another category (such as K-Pop Group of the Day or K-Pop Findings)!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Beauty Beauty – Kim Hyun Joong

What’s up? 🙂 Today I’ll be talking about Beauty Beauty by Kim Hyun Joong, who I’ve actually already met (#tbt, long story hehe :3). I read the comments in the video (just for the fun of it) and I noticed that many people had negative thoughts about this video :S Enough rambling though, let’s talk about what I think! Kim Hyun Joong was part of SS501 with DSP Media from 2005-2010. Once his contract had expired with the company, he joined KeyEast. He debuted as a solo artist in 2011. Song: The song is nice! It’s a cool summer song and fun in its own way. Out of the song and the video though, the video was definitely the aspect that stood out to me more, and I think I developed greater positive for the song because of the video (which is one of the main purposes for a music video, isn’t it? :D) I don’t think that this is the type of song I would listen to by myself, but it’s a good song that fits with the fresh concept he’s going for (Or… that I at least think he’s going for? If neither is the case, let’s just say that’s what I thought the release had. :3 Music Video: Now to the part that I really wanted to talk about! 😀 Contrary to a lot of negativity I saw about the video, I actually loved it and found it really fun to watch! First of all, I want to talk about the set/location of this video because damn, it is really cool! 😀 So dynamic and interesting (with all the movement going on, whether it be the props, the people in the background, etc). :3 Did you guys also notice when the money Kim Hyun Joong handed to the cab driver slipped from his hands, and the dude tried to catch it? Haha! 😛 I loved the colorful writing that popped up, as well as the cartoon drawing? decorations? type things that made the video much more attention-grabbing (not to mention that the designs were really pretty). The plot was pretty simple, yet straight-forward and easy to understand, which is a positive trait about this video. Oh, and how can I not mention the awesome camerawork? Seriously, I love creative music videos and the way they followed Kim Hyun Joong’s movement into this fluid action made the video never boring, at least to me. I mean, there were some cheesy-ish aspects to it, like the fireworks at the end, but I think all the cool stuff that went into the video, such as the sets, the camerawork, the editing, etc., all made the cheesiness not as prominent. Just like how the song has a fresh concept, the video definitely has this too. I liked this video (which had a musical-type feel to me)! 🙂 Overall, the song was cool and the video was awesome! 😀 I probably wouldn’t download the song, but that’s obviously just a personal preference (I don’t think I would really listen to it.) I’m seriously impressed with the awesome videos that have been released these days (or at least some of those that I’ve talked about recently). 😀 What did you guys think about this? Let me know! Next time I’ll be talking about B1A4, so stay tuned for that 😀 Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Fantastic – Henry

Greetings, everyone! 🙂 

I’m back and ready to talk about Fantastic by Henry! I’m going to have a rambling session at the end of this post, so make sure to read the whole thing! 😀 I’ve skipped quite a lot of releases for this one, so I hope it’s worth it! 🙂 

Henry is under SM Entertainment, and is also part of Super Junior-M. He was born on October 11th, 1989. I personally really like Henry because Trap was an awesome, catchy song, but also because he is so hilarious on MBC’s Real Men. Mm, NECK SLICE! Haha 😛 

Song: Well, what stood out the most to me (for being awesome) was quite obviously the violin in the song and since it is one of Henry’s many talents, I was quite happy that he was able to include it in his title track. I don’t know if it was actually him playing the violin in the song (I’m hoping it was) but it sounded great nonetheless. It takes a fun, unique spin on the song. Other than that, the song in general is very catchy and I’ll probably never say “It’s gonna be fantastic” the same way again after listening to this song. I feel like Fantastic will probably grow on me more, but as of now, I definitely have positive feelings about it. 

Music Video: The video was cool, with all that was going on, but I wasn’t completely in love with it. I liked the inclusion of the violin in the choreography and that tube connecting thingy (so eloquent, right? 😛 which was a little weird, but I’ll go with it haha) as my favorite parts. The video wasn’t amazingly interesting to me, to be honest. 😛 The choreography seemed pretty cool though! 

What did you guys think about this? Was it fantastic? :3 (Pun intended, because I love my puns) I’m going to have to say that it was a catchy song and the video was okay. I would download the song! 😀 Sorry this post isn’t too long or interesting 😦 I guess I’m lacking energy in this post. 😛 The interesting thing about this is that I’m watching Real Man as I’m drafting this post (It’s actually hilarious, you should check it out)! 😀 Hehe I am in love with Park Hyungsik and Henry in this show! ❤

Okay, now to the rambling part! I realized that my blog is not too personal or anything, and I’d like to change that. 😀 I was thinking of publishing posts about myself, like tags or other types and I was wondering on your input about that. 😀 I was also thinking of posting my bucket list (just for the fun of it, and to keep it on record somewhere) so yeah… just a possibility, but I’m hoping that it can help me create a stronger connection to the blog and to you guys. 😀 Anyways, I don’t know if you guys actually care but I’ll see what happens. 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤ 

Talking about Saturday Night – god

Hello beautiful people! 🙂 

I am so happy to be able to talk about god (not in the way you’re probably thinking of :P) with their new release Saturday Night! I was actually planning on talking about them in future posts (wink wink 😉 although that doesn’t really give out what I was planning, but it’ll be out soon :D) but I’ll be taking the opportunity early, especially because I am quite excited about this post! 

god is a group that was active from 1999 (yes, a long time ago :O ) to 2005, during which they were under JYP Entertainment. In case you were wondering about the origin of their name, apparently god stands for Groove Over Dose. 😛 They have come back together this year (with this album) under SidusHQ. They can pretty much be considered the “veteran boy band” in Korea, being very successful and popular during their time. The members consist of Son Hoyoung, Kim Taewoo, Danny Ahn, Park Joonhyung, and Yoon Kyesang. Just in case you might not be familiar with the group, the name is pronounced g.o.d by spelling out each letter.

Song: I’m really enjoying it! This is just a personal preference but I love Kim Taewoo’s voice (Take into consideration this song 😀 This was totally my jam a few years ago) and his enticing voice was a highlight of the song for me. I really like the groove and catchiness, which seem to increase the more I listen to it. This is the type of song I would listen to on a Saturday night (hehe puns that don’t make sense) when I’m dancing to myself… Is that weird? 😛 I guess I’m saying that it kept me in high spirits and wanting to sing along or bob my head at the least. 😛 I think it still preserves the charm of god but in an approachable song that I can listen to often. I am liking this song and I would totally recommend it 😀 What do you guys think about it? 

Video: The video is another side of awesomeness… and I believe I’ve been saying this a lot in the past few posts, but that’s a good thing right? 🙂 I do think that this video might not be as hilarious if you don’t understand Korean… so I’ll try to explain it a little bit. 😛 To give a little bit of context (or at least attempt to), the introduction shows the members together on a Saturday night, and after not having seen each other for a long time, they talk about the jobs they have. Park Joonhyung says he owns a tire factory, Kim Taewoo says he owns around 10 kindergarten schools, Danny Ahn says he owns one of the most popular clubs, Yoon Kyesang says he’s running a company, and finally Son Hoyoung says he’s a fighter. Once the song kicks in, we move into the lives of the members and as we watch the video, we know they weren’t telling the truth. Throughout the video, I was laughing and it was definitely so entertaining to watch. I loved the humor (and how well done it was), like the exaggerated expressions or gestures, and the reality of the situation they were in. I cracked up at 1:45 in the video, because the really tall guy is actually a professional fighter and yet he was trying to fight with Son Hoyoung. I was happy watching the video, but also happy with how the video turned out. There are various approaches they could’ve taken with this video after being away for so long, but the fact that they took humor (and did it so well) was certainly a plus for me. My absolute favorite part is at the end (apparently 12 years ago as it says on the screen) when they’re dancing to their songs, which was not only super funny, but also brought back memories of when I used to listen to those songs (One of those will feature in a future post, the one I hinted at earlier in the post, so stay tuned) :3 I absolutely love this video! 😀 

Overall, I really loved this release (both the song and video) and I’m sure many people feel the same way about their return together as the group god. I definitely would download this song!  🙂 I loved god, I love god, and I will love god (especially with this awesome return) :D.  What did you guys think about this? Did you guys already know about god? Let me know! 🙂 

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Red Light – f(x)

Hey guys!

How have you all been? 🙂 Today’s Talking about is on f(x)’s Red Light! Yes, that’s right, f(x) is finally back after what seems like a very very long time! I think of the group as often having really fresh and unique concepts, and after seeing the teaser pictures, it seemed like Red Light would be like that too. Enough of the babbling (more to come of that at the end of the post!), let’s get to this title track! 

f(x) is a group under SM Entertainment formed in 2009. The members consist of Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal. 

Song: Well….I must say, I’m not really in love with the song. Maybe it still has to grow on me and suddenly I’ll be super obsessed with it… As of now though, I don’t feel this way about the song. This isn’t to say that I have negative feelings about it, because that certainly isn’t the case. It is really cool (It seems quite sophisticated) and different from other songs I’ve listened to, which is definitely a plus side and added charm. It has an awesome and powerful sound to me, and what amazes me the most is how distinctive it is! What I mean by that is how much of a new take they’ve taken, which I don’t see (often, if ever) in the K-Pop scene. Let’s just say that Red Light isn’t my cup of tea (I do really like some parts, some of which are just plain cool and some that are catchy, but I’m not obsessed with the whole song), but I totally see how many people love it.

Video: Awesome video! There doesn’t seem to be a plot to the video (or I didn’t pick up on one at least :P) and I don’t say that as a criticism, but rather to talk about how this take seems to be the most common route for music videos in the K-pop scene nowadays, and that in this case, it allows for the video to develop itself to be aesthetically pleasing, or intriguing at the least. I loved the filters and the colorful projections (like the lines and shapes) on their face, as well as the lighting! They also look really gorgeous, even though it isn’t necessarily the conventional way that idols are styled. There’s a lot going on in this video but this causes attraction, and not confusion, for me. I guess what I’m trying to say, generally, is that I like the look they’re going for. 🙂

Seeing how varied the responses were to this release, I’m going to have to set myself on the middle ground because although I do recognize how much of a fresh, awesome concept they’ve brought after being away for so long (or what seems like a long time :P), I don’t think it necessarily fits within my musical preferences, which probably explains why I’m not so crazy about it. Otherwise, though, I’m happy that f(x) has made a comeback, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what kinds of songs they have on this album! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and also that you’re having a great week! I’ll talk to you guys again soon, I promise! Make sure to leave me a comment until then! 🙂

P.S. Am I the only one who isn’t too fond of the new WordPress posting window? :S Meh, I guess I’ll get over it once I get used to the system. 😛 

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤  

Talking about Day 1 – K. Will

Hey everyone! 🙂

How have you all been doing? I’ve been obsessed about soccer player Song Heung Min (I mean, it is the World Cup and he is so adorable), but today I am not here to talk about cute soccer players (although that does sound like fun :P), and instead, I’ll be talking about K. Will’s Day 1! I was originally planning on talking about a different release, but after watching this music video, I really wanted to mention this one first. As a fan of K. Will, I’m excited to talk about this release!

Image taken from askkpop.com. All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from askkpop.com. All rights go to the respective owners!

Song: I’m absolutely adoring it! His voice never fails to amaze me (and melt my heart :3) and this is the case for this song as well. The lyrics were really cute (they made me smile hehe) but my favorite lines had to be “I’m the most good-looking out of the worst”, which is how I would roughly translate it to from Korean because not only does it have that sweet element, it also has humor.  I’m loving the beat (and the guitar part) as well as the super catchy chorus. The song has a great balance between an amazingly sweet voice, adorable lyrics, and really nice instrumentation. I love this song; K. Will is amazing at conveying romance/love songs, and I think this definitely supports my claim. 😉 I’ll definitely be bobbing my head and happily singing along to Day 1!

Music Video: This video is another dimension of adorableness, and as much as I can’t get enough of the song, I can’t get enough of this super cute music video either! Park Minwoo is absolutely adorable and although he’s supposed to be playing the role of an “average looking guy”, we all know he’s so much more than that, especially with his acting in the video. 😉 Soyou and Minwoo look great together, but what I appreciated is, of course, the storyline of the video.  I briefly mentioned in the beginning of the post that I’ve been a fan of K. Will (for a while now actually), and one of the reasons for this is his great voice but also his interesting music videos (that I enjoy watching :D). This is yet another awesome music video. I loved the development of the relationship between the two (not to mention that K. Will is actually in his music video, because that’s rare!) and how the video made my heart flutter, and feel all warm inside. 🙂 I’m obsessed with this video and how it can tell the story of the song in such an entertaining and adorable way. 🙂

Overall, I’m loving the song and video and kudos to K. Will because he’s delivered yet another awesome video to go along with his great title track! I have already downloaded the song (the whole album, really and will definitely be checking it out soon). 🙂 How did you guys feel about Day 1? Let me know! Oh, and don’t forget to check out this adorable live performance of the song! Have a great weekend!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤