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Songs of the Month: June

Hey everyone! 🙂

June is finally over and that calls for a Songs of the Month post! I know I haven’t been super active on my blog in terms of posting this month (and I apologize for that 😦 ) but I do appreciate everyone who checks out my blog (Thank you so much! <3). June has been quite an interesting month, in terms of news and events (which is true for K-pop as well). With many awesome comebacks and a struggle to keep up with them on my part :P, this month definitely has some awesome songs to mention! Remember that you are always welcome to comment what songs you discovered this month that you really liked. 😀 Let’s share hehe! Without further ado, let’s get to the list! 

Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang: If you guys saw my Talking about post on this song, you guys would know how much I love it. Well… since that post, I’ve come to love the song even more, to the point that I’m actually obsessed with it. I’ve listened to it nonstop on replay for so long now! I’ve even gotten my family to listen to with me (oops hehe they like it too by the way :D) Hands down the top, if not one of the top songs, of this month for me! 🙂 

Eyes, Nose, Lips (Cover) – Tablo: Going back to the song I just mentioned, I thought Tablo’s cover of Eyes, Nose, Lips also deserved a spot in this list. Although it is indeed a cover of the original song, this version felt like a song itself, and was remarkable enough that I felt the need to mention it here. What impressed me the most was surely Tablo’s rapping skills, but his sophisticated lyrics were definitely noteworthy as well. I loved it!

Shady Lady – B.A.P: Have I mentioned this song in another Songs of the Month? If the answer is yes, then I’ll put it again here! 😀 If not, I guess I forgot because this is a great song. The album (First Sensibility) was awesome too, so check it out as well! 😀

Hug Me – Crush: I was glad to have found this song because it is totally my cup of tea! 🙂 I didn’t mention this song in a Talking about (because I was trying to get caught up first :P), but I really do love it and I can’t help but sing along to it. 😀 If you enjoyed this song, you should also check out the album (I thought it was awesome!)! 

Your Scent – Jung In & Gary: Jung In has such a unique voice and Gary’s rapping is great (not to mention that he’s also hilarious :P); the two combined make a very pretty yet catchy song that I really enjoyed this month! 

A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness – San E & Raina: Loving this sweet song! 🙂 I don’t really know too many San E songs to be honest, but I’m happy to have found this one! 🙂 

Black – 40: Another artist I’ve never heard of (and I don’t really know if this classifies in K-pop but you guys understand anyways right :D) yet another impressive song! Their voices are so soothing and smooth. :3 

Take Out – Untouchable: Catchy song with an awesome chorus! I love the groove of the song. 😀 (Does that sound weird? I don’t know why, but that expressions seems awkward… hehe but it’s true!) Untouchable’s rap is great, of course. 🙂

Walk Backward – 2BIC: 2BIC’s voice never fails to amaze me, and this was one of the big reasons why I really liked this song 😀 The song is so so so (do you guys get the emphasis) beautiful – definitely give it a listen! 

A – GOT7: How could I not include this incredibly catchy and adorable song! 😀 Yes, A totally deserves a spot on this month’s list for me. 🙂 

Good Luck – Beast: Beast’s awesome comeback was a long-awaited one, and a certainly impressive one that I really enjoyed! The fact that it’s really addicting adds to the charm of the song as well. 😉

Day 1 – K. Will: This sweet song had just the right amount of adorableness and catchiness, mixed in with K. Will’s amazing voice. :3 You can read how much I enjoyed it in my Talking about post! 

That wraps up this post! I apologize for this post being a little bit late (This type of post, and by that I mean Songs of the Month, takes me longer than Talking about posts, which I take forever to write anyways :3) but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! 🙂 I would appreciate it if you guys would comment any songs you think were highlights of this month! I’m excited for the songs to be released in July (because from what I’ve seen, many awesome releases are planned to happen then) yet I’m impressed with all the amazing music from June. 😀 

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper ❤



Talking about Where Are You? – B.A.P

Hey guys! I’m back again! Two posts in one day?! :O What is this??? Well, I realized I wasn’t being as frequent with my posting as I wanted to be (and at that rate, I’d never catch up in time :P) so I decided I’d post two times today! I can’t really say this will happen everyday from now on, but I’ll do this whenever I can, just so I can keep it going. 🙂  The second Talking about of the day is going to be on Where Are You? by B.A.P! I’m not sure if that’s the official English title, but I’m going with it because I’ve seen it written that way multiple times on B.A.P’s Facebook page. Before I start, I think a disclaimer is necessary (hehe). I apologize if I fangirl too much in this post but B.A.P is top of my favorites list and the emotions are too much for me too handle 😛 I’m sure you guys all have that one group, right? What is that one group for you? Let me know in the comments! Can you guys guess who my favorite member out of B.A.P is? 😀 Well, now that I’ve explained it (I hope you guys will understand), let’s get to talking about this release!

Image taken from allkpop.com. All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from allkpop.com. All rights go to the respective owners!

B.A.P is a group under T.S. Entertainment that debuted in 2012. The members consist of Bang Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo.

Song: What a cute, not to mention very sweet, song! 🙂 All the members’ voices are so nice and were definitely very fitting for this song. The lyrics are so adorable as well and I don’t know about you guys but the song made me smile and feel all warm inside, hehe :3. I also really like the instrumentation (which doesn’t seem to be the typical kpop sound) and I enjoyed the whistling parts. I was wondering how well this song would fit Bang Yongguk’s deep (very very deep) voice but it actually works in its own way. 😀 I also personally really like Zelo’s voice and the way he sings (although I noticed that some people don’t) and I don’t think it’s awkward in this song. 🙂 The song is really nice and soothing (I realized I was bobbing my head too as I listened to it haha :P) and most importantly, it’s super cute! I approve. 🙂

Music Video: If the song is sweet, the video is so so so cute! :3 I was dying at how adorable all the members were. 🙂 I do admit that this video would probably not be as interesting if you aren’t a B.A.P fan… woops :O. One thing I appreciated, putting aside the fact that I am a fan, was the scenery of London and the places they filmed at because my oh my, it was so gorgeous! 😮 I was in love with all the settings and especially the red phone booth. 🙂 The cuteness of the members was what stood out the most to me, however, with their goofy dances, their head bobs, the phone calls, and all the gestures as well. 🙂 I also liked how the focus transitioned from one member to another within the same shot (if you guys understand what I’m saying :P). Everything screamed “I will make your heart melt!” 😀 and I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I also really loved their outfits (they look so good!) and who knew Zelo looked so good in glasses?! I really liked how natural, playful they seemed with each other, and I also liked the variety of shots and blunt edits from each one. Would you not die if these 6 boys were serenading you with this song and acting all cute like this? ❤ (Okay… tone down the fangirling please) I could go on and on about the things I loved in this video and how cute they were, but I’ll save you guys from the torture hehe :3 I had to watch the video a few times to digest everything that was happening haha. Although the video probably isn’t as meaningful or enjoyable to people that aren’t B.A.P fans, as one of them, I’m going to have to say that I love it and I can’t get enough! 😀

Overall, I really liked the song and the music video and I’d use “absolutely adorable” to describe both! What did you guys think? I have already downloaded the song, hehe 🙂 I realized that there were diverging opinions in regards to their concept for this release, compared to the ones they had previously. I’d love to know what you guys think about that too! Thanks for reading (I hope 2 posts a day doesn’t overwhelm you :P)

Hugs from your fellow K-popper! ❤

Songs of the Month: March

Hello friends!

It’s finally the end of March and I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like it passed by so fast! How was March for you? Personally, it was a special month for me because I started my Time to K-pop blog and I’m really happy I did! What are some memorable things in March for you guys – K-pop related or non-related? Let me know in the comments!

Songs of the Month is an idea I had for a category when I started the blog. I decided to do it as a monthly thing, because doing it weekly would be too often. Since it’s finally the end of March, I thought I’d start posting it now, before it’s too late :3! Songs of the Month will basically be, as the title says, songs that I’ve discovered in the month that I really liked, and want to share with you guys. The songs won’t necessarily be released in that month, although many of them might be, but will be chosen by when I encountered them. Feel free to leave any song recommendations of your favorites from the month! Let’s go and get started!

By the way, this month might have a few songs from February too, since I obviously didn’t have a Songs of the Month then, so keep that in mind! Make sure to click the links if you haven’t listened to the songs already!

Image taken from allkpop.com. All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from allkpop.com. All rights go to the respective owners!

1004 – B.A.P.: Absolutely love this song! It’s obviously different from their Warrior style, but I really enjoyed both the song and their performance either! Their album, First Sensibility, is awesome too! P.S. Happy birthday to Bang Yong Guk (the leader of B.A.P)! :3

You Deserve Better – Verbal Jint: There are a few things I have to say about this song. First off, I didn’t really find it this month, but I rediscovered it, and I realized how much I love it. It’s seriously one of my favorite K-pop songs. I don’t know why, I just find it so nice. Also, I don’t really know if the translation of the title is right so don’t blame me. :S Anyways, definitely give it a listen if you haven’t already!

Mr. Mr. – SNSD: I won’t talk about this song too much, since many of you probably know it already, but I really thought it was a cool, catchy song!

Some – JungGiGo & SoYou: A lot of you probably know this song too, since it’s been #1 in many music programs, but it’s still one of my favorites anyway! I love their voices and the song is so sweet. I never really talked about the video, but it’s so so so cute!

Four Times Around the Sun – Nell: I’m a fan of Nell (I should probably do a K-pop Findings about them soon) and this song was far from a disappointment. It’s a really nice song and definitely one of the highlights of this month.

해도 해도 너무했어 – Navi: I don’t think many people know about this song, and I apologize but I don’t really know how to translate the title, but I really liked it and I thought her voice was great. 🙂

Video Games – Boys’ Republic: I haven’t really talked about this song much, but I find it to be really catchy, and the chorus is really cool. It’s an overall really awesome song and more people should give it a listen!

I have a girlfriend – JYP:  Such an old song! I know, I know, but I rediscovered it this month, and I decided I’d include it for all of you that haven’t heard of it already. I’m sure that there’s a better version of this song somewhere, and despite the fact that this video is cringeworthy, I decided to include it anyways because hey, awesome blast from the past. The song is great though, especially the guitar parts :3

R.O.D – G.D.: I didn’t listen to this song when it was released (I really don’t know why) and when I found this song, I fell in love with it, and especially the chorus. It’s an awesome, and I really love this particular performance too.

Secret Love – B.A.P: Another B.A.P song (hehe sorry about that) and I do know that it’s really old, but I rediscovered this song this month. It’s really nice!

See Through – Kwon Jin Ah: I know lots of people were crazy about her cover of this song, and although it’s part of the audition program K-Pop Star, I had to include it here because her voice is so great and my oh my, what an amazing song and performance. I can not get over her voice. K-Pop Star fans unite! 😀 Oh, and check out the original here if you’d like! 

Wild Flower – Park Hyo Shin: This song is so relaxing, and beautiful at the same time. If you’re needing to wind down, calm down with a great song, this is for you!

Also, here are some of my favorites from Talking about’s in this month. To be honest, the songs this month were all pretty awesome, so these are just a few that I decided to include here too.

Without You – Lee Michelle, Come Back Home – 2NE1, Full Moon – Sunmi, Be a Man – MBLAQ, and many others (that I won’t include here but check them out in the actual Talking about’s) haha :3

I’m pretty sure I’m missing some songs (sorry, I’ll keep track of songs better next month hehe) and I’ll update this as I remember them, but this is it for now! I really hope you guys enjoyed this and don’t forget to include your suggestions too! I hope April is even better than March for all of you! 🙂 I’m looking forward to all the cool songs that will be released in April! Thanks for reading, and all the support! 🙂

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤