Talking about Day 1 – K. Will

Hey everyone! 🙂

How have you all been doing? I’ve been obsessed about soccer player Song Heung Min (I mean, it is the World Cup and he is so adorable), but today I am not here to talk about cute soccer players (although that does sound like fun :P), and instead, I’ll be talking about K. Will’s Day 1! I was originally planning on talking about a different release, but after watching this music video, I really wanted to mention this one first. As a fan of K. Will, I’m excited to talk about this release!

Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!

Song: I’m absolutely adoring it! His voice never fails to amaze me (and melt my heart :3) and this is the case for this song as well. The lyrics were really cute (they made me smile hehe) but my favorite lines had to be “I’m the most good-looking out of the worst”, which is how I would roughly translate it to from Korean because not only does it have that sweet element, it also has humor.  I’m loving the beat (and the guitar part) as well as the super catchy chorus. The song has a great balance between an amazingly sweet voice, adorable lyrics, and really nice instrumentation. I love this song; K. Will is amazing at conveying romance/love songs, and I think this definitely supports my claim. 😉 I’ll definitely be bobbing my head and happily singing along to Day 1!

Music Video: This video is another dimension of adorableness, and as much as I can’t get enough of the song, I can’t get enough of this super cute music video either! Park Minwoo is absolutely adorable and although he’s supposed to be playing the role of an “average looking guy”, we all know he’s so much more than that, especially with his acting in the video. 😉 Soyou and Minwoo look great together, but what I appreciated is, of course, the storyline of the video.  I briefly mentioned in the beginning of the post that I’ve been a fan of K. Will (for a while now actually), and one of the reasons for this is his great voice but also his interesting music videos (that I enjoy watching :D). This is yet another awesome music video. I loved the development of the relationship between the two (not to mention that K. Will is actually in his music video, because that’s rare!) and how the video made my heart flutter, and feel all warm inside. 🙂 I’m obsessed with this video and how it can tell the story of the song in such an entertaining and adorable way. 🙂

Overall, I’m loving the song and video and kudos to K. Will because he’s delivered yet another awesome video to go along with his great title track! I have already downloaded the song (the whole album, really and will definitely be checking it out soon). 🙂 How did you guys feel about Day 1? Let me know! Oh, and don’t forget to check out this adorable live performance of the song! Have a great weekend!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤


Talking about A – GOT7

A~ Listen up! It’s time for another post!

Yes, this post is going to be on GOT7’s A! When I first heard about the release, I immediately thought of Pretty Little Liars haha! I usually don’t talk about teasers in these posts (because I don’t watch them :P) but I did watch them for A and I’m glad I did, and I think it’s worth mentioning! 🙂 If you haven’t seen them, you should check them out here. They’re kind of cheesy and I did cringe multiple times, but it’s also quite adorable as well, and definitely a creative take on the concept of teasers. :3  I really liked how they make it seem like “you” are the one GOT7 members are talking to (which hey, I love ;)), although it does seem to be to a set target audience. Enough with the teasers though, let’s get to the release!

Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!

GOT7 is JYP Entertainment’s new boy group that debuted this year. The members consist of JB (the leader), Mark, Jackson, BamBam, Jr., Youngjae, and Yugyeoum. I put out a K-pop Group of the Day a while back (shortly after their debut single was released), and I have been a fan of them since then. Check that post out if you want to know about my initial(ish) thoughts about the group!

Song: I will admit that it’s really repetitive, but there is one quality that stands out above all, and that is the fact that this song….is…so freaking catchy! Seriously! I listened to it a few times before I wrote this post, and I realized I was already singing it in my head unconsciously even as I was doing things (other than writing this post) throughout the day. Sure, there isn’t too much of a development or variety but it’s so catchy and addicting that as a result, I am really enjoying the song. 🙂 It’s fresh, very adorable, and appropriate to the summer (Would you not die if they sang this to you? I most definitely would. :D) I can’t stop singing the chorus part! :3 If there’s one song that’ll be stuck in my head for the next week (or longer, who knows), it’s this one. 😛

Music Video: I actually really liked this music video! 😀 I watched the teasers after the music video (Oops… totally defeats their purpose but that’s alright because I enjoyed them anyway :D) so I didn’t really have any expectations about this video. When I watched it though, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and the fun they were having in the video was contagious. 😛 I love the sets and the transitions from each one (the editing was awesome), and just their flirty attitude, particularly the way they approach the girl (so cute! :3) Mark’s stunt at 1:27 though… Girl, I’d be more than surprised if someone did that to me haha (and it’d be a plus if it was someone as cute as him 😉 )! I love their overall goofiness or playfulness (like them with playing with the carts). I think the best way to describe this video and the members is to say that they looked fresh. 🙂 I can’t forget to mention the dancing people, because for some reason their randomness made me laugh haha 😛 My heart would probably burst if the GOT7 members sang me this song as they did in the video, and I think that contributes to the charm of the video :3 I appreciated the humor too, like the hilarious ending! I loved the feel of the video and the way the members were able to convey that into a flirty, cute way!

Overall, I am being sucked into the catchiness of this song, and the video actually added significant appeal to this release for me personally. 😀 GOT7 had a comeback performance before they released the music video, and I think that the music video gave A more appeal than their performance did (at least for me :P). I have been a fan of GOT7 since basically their beginning, and I definitely still will be through their promotions of A. 🙂 I would totally download this song! (I actually have already, and you bet I’m going to keep this song on repeat :P) I checked out their mini album GOT♡, and although I’m not crazy obsessed about it, you should give it a listen! What did you guys think about A? Let me know! 🙂 As always, thanks so much for reading!

A, Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤ 🙂

Talking about Good Luck – Beast

Hi all! 🙂

Welcome back to It’s Time to K-Pop! ❤ Today I will be talking about Good Luck by Beast! I’ve already talked about No More, their other music video release, so go check that out as well if you’re feeling bored. :3 Because I’ve already ‘introduced’ them (so to speak) a few days ago, I won’t be doing that in this post (I wouldn’t want it to be repetitive :P) so let’s get to the release!

Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!

Song: This song is so awesome! 😀 It’s different than their other songs, or at least I get that impression, but by no means in a bad way. It’s so catchy and addicting that I found myself wanting to replay it over and over again :P. Although I love the whole song in general, my favorite part is before the chorus (more specifically from 1:35 to around 1:53) – daaaamn, sounds so good! I also really like the incorporation of the strings, and the instrumentation in general of this song. The best line in the whole song has to be “Up and down, feels like an elevator”, haha but jokes aside, Beast definitely doesn’t disappoint with this, and you best believe I’ll be putting this song on repeat for a long time. I’m going to have to control myself from repeatedly singing this song from now on 😛

Music Video: The music video looks great! I’m loving the strings introduction (makes the video seem more serious and intense :o) but I’d have to say that the highlight of the music video for me was definitely the choreography! I read in an article that the members thought this was their hardest dance routine yet, and I can definitely see that because it looks so cool (not that their other moves weren’t of course ;))! It’s definitely very well coordinated, and so awesome in combination with the song. There’s something so enticing about their moves, but I can’t pinpoint what it is. 😛 You can see it more clearly in this live performance of Good Luck (which is pretty impressive…. might I add :P). Am I the only one that thinks a dance version music video would be amazing?! Putting the dancing aside though, the video had awesome sets and lighting, and the production overall was so well done. The video was very fitting to the vibe of the song, which is something I always appreciate. I also really liked the editing of the video, and the rather gloomy, solemn look it (mostly) had. 🙂

Overall, I really like Beast’s comeback! 😀 The song and video both are great, and definitely show off a sophistication or allure (in a way) that is very particular to this group. I was once a huge fan of them (not saying that I’m not a fan now, but rather, toned down in intensity 😉 ) and this song definitely brings out the great qualities of the group. What did you think about this release? I’d love to know!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about No Love – Jun K.

Hey guys!

I’m back with another post (after being inconsistent with my posting, sorry :P) and today I’ll be talking about Jun K.’s release called No Love! 🙂



Jun K. is a member of 2PM and is currently under JYP Entertainment. He has been active since 2008, along with the group.

Song: I’ll admit that there are some details that I don’t like about the song, which were more evident to me in the first few listens, but the song itself is absolutely fantastic! 😀 His singing is amazing and I am so impressed by it – it almost sounds like a musical piece, rather than just a song itself which I mean as a compliment! 🙂 The instrumentation is great and it has a very distinctive, unique sound to it. It is a very nice song with strong vocals, and I give it a big thumbs up! 

Music Video: This music video is creepy, yet interesting at the same time. I say creepy because of the huge panda in the beginning, which has an eerie feel to me, (Fans say that the pandas are supposed to be representative of Jun K.) and the doll with the bright green eyes that actually startled me when I first watched the video. Other than those things, however, I actually really liked the creativity in the video, with the beautiful scenes, circus sets, the heart emblem and many other awesome things that made the video enticing. The disintegrating girl was quite unsettling to be honest, but still cool at the same time :D, and I thought the same thing when the red dust thing (?) spewed out of Jun K. when he was shot. Lots of cool things happening to complement this awesome song!

Overall, I really liked both the song and video! 🙂 I was very impressed by Jun K.’s talent and by the song as well. What did you guys think? Make sure to let me know in the comments! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤ 

Talking about No More – BEAST

Hi guys! 🙂

I’m back with another Talking about, and this one is on the long awaited comeback, BEAST’s No More! I wasn’t sure about which release I was going to talk about in today’s post (especially since there were many worth mentioning). I wasn’t sure if I was going to talk about this or Good Luck but after watching this one first, I knew I really wanted to include it! 🙂 Sorry this post is a little delayed 😛 It took me a lot longer to actually publish than I had anticipated despite the fact that I had drafted it earlier hehe.

Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!

BEAST is a group formed under Cube Entertainment in 2009. The members consist of Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Gikwang, and Dongwoon.

Song: Well, I do like the song! I’ll admit, I was a bit unsure about it when I first heard it, but now after giving it a few listens, I’ve regarding this with more positivity hehe.  I loved their voices and thought they were so well-fitting for the song. I love (really really love) Junhyung’s voice, and I think it really stood out for me because of how calm, soothing it was, but really,  all of the members’ singing is amazing. 🙂 Despite their really great vocals, I’m not completely obsessed with the song but I do have positive feelings about it!

Music Video: Actually, the music video was the reason why I wanted to talk about this release hehe. I LOVE it, and I know how rarely I say that but this video definitely deserves my love. :3 Some people disliked the Beastagram thing, but I thought it was so creative! I loved how they included actual scenes from the music video into their accounts, as well as the whole role it played throughout the video. I thought it was very clever hehe :3 And I can’t forget to mention how good the members looked haha 😉 But really, I was completely captivated throughout the whole video,  not to mention also really interested in Junhyung and the girl’s relationship. The plot line and the end of the video (my favorite part) were actually fun to watch. The Beastagram is so legit that you can see that they even like photos haha 😛 The bursts of color were really pretty and the video itself was very aesthetically pleasing. 🙂 Awesome video, and I love it!

Overall, nice song and awesome video! 🙂 I’m happy about Beast’s comeback, and I’m sure many people feel the same way too.  What did you guys think about it? Let me know! 🙂

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about TopDog – ToppDogg

Hey guys! 😀

How are you all doing? 🙂 Today’s Talking about (I hope you aren’t getting sick of these :P) is on T – O – Double P – D – O – Double G ‘s  (Or just ToppDogg, really. I thought it’d be cooler but that doesn’t seem to be the case :P) new release called TopDog.

Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!

I am pretty sure I have already done a K-pop Group of the Day about them (which yes, I know I haven’t actually posted these in a while 😛 Sorry, I’ve been trying to write as many Talking about’s so I can catch up on the releases I’ve missed, but you bet I’ll be getting back to the other segments soon 🙂 ) so if you’d like to know more about the group, and my initial opinion on them, definitely check that out! ToppDogg has (impressively) released quite a lot of music videos since their debut in 2013 and now let’s talk about their most recent one!

Song: Putting a twist on Mozart’s Symphony No. 25, ToppDogg definitely impressed me and I am very much enjoying this off! First off, I really liked how they incorporated the classical music. 😀 Although I’m usually not a huge fan of these types of fusions, (I feel like a lot of the times the different styles just don’t work well) but in Top Dog, I actually thought it added a lot to the song! That moves on to the next point, which is the fact that they included many different music styles which all worked great together. Another aspect I appreciated was the strong vocals of the members, and the overall strength (that sounds awkward… I guess intensity is a better word? haha :P)  the song has. One thing I could live without is the T – O – Double G – D – O – Double P that repeats quite a lot, but then again, the song still works well with it. 😛 It’s a powerful, catchy song with a great melody. It has a nice appeal to it, personally, and I’m really liking this. 🙂

Music Video: There’s a lot going on in this video, but definitely in a good way! First off, look at that guy’s pink afro! (Sorry guys, I don’t know the members names, not to mention that there are a lot to remember!) Reminds me of Zelo’s pink afro haha but anyways, it doesn’t look nearly as bad as I expected a pink afro to look haha 😛 There are lots of special effects which look quite cool (why does it remind me of Yu Gi Oh :P) and the dance seems awesome too! If what they were trying to accomplish with the video was for it to be visually captivating, I definitely think they were able to succeed in this. 🙂

Overall, I really liked the song (I mean really, the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it :D) and the video is interesting to watch too! I would definitely download the song, and I am very impressed with ToppDogg’s TopDog! What did you guys think about it? Did you guys already know about ToppDogg? Leave me a comment! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Breathe – ZE:A

Hello! 😀 

Welcome back to It’s Time To K-pop with another Talking about. ❤ The release for today is Breathe by ZE:A! Fun fact about ZE:A: I met Dongjun and Kevin a few years back 🙂 but today, lets go ahead and talk about the release!



ZE:A is a 9 member group that debuted in 2010. They are currently under Star Empire Entertainment. The members consist of Kevin, Kwanghee, Siwan, Junyoung, Taeheon, Heechul, Minwoo, Hyungsik, and Dongjun. To be honest, I only know a few members out of ZE:A well, but putting that aside, it’s time to talk about the song! 🙂 

Song: I feel like it’s a nice song with a fun melody! It also does have that catchy vibe to it, and I especially like the beginning. I do have a general positive feeling about the song, but at the same time, I’m not completely obsessed or in love with it. I don’t think it matches my personal taste of music very well. I’m not really here to make any criticisms, and I’m not trying to say it’s a bad song! I just don’t have that feeling of being so sucked into the song because I am so amazed by it, you know? 😛 Let’s just say that it’s not my cup of tea… but I’m sure that many people enjoyed it! 😀

Music Video: The music video was interesting, to say the least… haha! I feel like there was a lot going on, but in a good way (I guess). There were scenes in some weird planet, in a spaceship type thing, in destructed areas, and many other varied settings. Overall, I thought it was interesting to see all the little details, like the origami (cute hehe), the pretty planet (and spaceship! :D) they were in, and even their dance. What I got from the video was that they took their escape to this new planet because Earth was destroyed… I don’t know haha (clearly, you guys can tell I am confused 😛 like always) so leave me a comment if you have a better idea about what’s going on. 😀 The video itself intriguing in the sense that it’s quite a fun concept and it does look cool overall, but I think I missed a lot of the big points that the video was trying to make, especially when considering what it had to offer alongside the song. 

Overall, Breathe was a nice song (which I wasn’t crazy about) and an engaging video, especially because of its settings. I wouldn’t download the song but then again, I’ve explained that it isn’t really my jam. 😛 What did you guys think about it? Do you disagree with me? I’d love to know! 😀 Oh yeah, today is the first day for the World Cup! (Like that has anything to do with K-pop… but I’m just curious!) Are you guys cheering for any team? Comment below! I’ll talk to you guys very soon! 🙂 

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Obsession – Boyfriend

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’m back again for another Talking about, and today’s post will be on Obsession by Boyfriend! No long introduction today (compared to the other posts recently, hehe) so let’s get started! 🙂


Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!

Boyfriend is a 6 member group under Starship Entertainment. They debuted in 2011. The members consist of Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, and Minwoo. Fun fact: Youngmin and Kwangmin are twins (in case you couldn’t tell already haha). 😀

Song: Obsession is a really cool song with a super catchy chorus! The heavy beat and instrumentation made a lasting impression on me. I also liked the members’ singing (there’s something really charming about it in this particular song). I’ll admit, it did take me a while to really like the song and also for its addictiveness to spread to me (I don’t know why this is to be honest) but once it did, I immediately started singing along with it, and especially at the chorus because you guys know much I love those parts. It has a distinctive sound that makes me want to put the song on repeat. Overall, it’s a cool song that I enjoyed listening to!

Music Video: First thing’s first, I appreciated the fact that they incorporated a plot into their video. 🙂 That plot was slightly confusing to me, but that’s beside the point that they did include a story! It was quite obvious that they were taking a twist on Peter Pan’s story and that was quite an interesting approach, especially for a kpop video about a lover. I liked the fact that they tried something different, but I also thought that sometimes the connections were blurry between the story and video, but that’s just something personal. 🙂  As for other aspects to mention: I am in love with that pentagon, book-filled room at the beginning that can also be seen in other parts of the video, and I would love to have one of those in my house. 😀 The dance was really cool too, and the way the girl died at the end (with a bomb) surprised me because it’s a death I’ve never seen before in music videos, haha! Overall, there were a lot of creative aspects that made the video intriguing to watch.

I liked both the music video and the song! 🙂 Would I download it? Hm, I’d say yes,  mostly because it’s so catchy! What did you guys think about this release? Is this your new Obsession? (I’ve been waiting to make this pun the whole post! :P) I’d love to know!

Hugs from your fellow K-Popper! ❤

Talking about Where Are You? – B.A.P

Hey guys! I’m back again! Two posts in one day?! :O What is this??? Well, I realized I wasn’t being as frequent with my posting as I wanted to be (and at that rate, I’d never catch up in time :P) so I decided I’d post two times today! I can’t really say this will happen everyday from now on, but I’ll do this whenever I can, just so I can keep it going. 🙂  The second Talking about of the day is going to be on Where Are You? by B.A.P! I’m not sure if that’s the official English title, but I’m going with it because I’ve seen it written that way multiple times on B.A.P’s Facebook page. Before I start, I think a disclaimer is necessary (hehe). I apologize if I fangirl too much in this post but B.A.P is top of my favorites list and the emotions are too much for me too handle 😛 I’m sure you guys all have that one group, right? What is that one group for you? Let me know in the comments! Can you guys guess who my favorite member out of B.A.P is? 😀 Well, now that I’ve explained it (I hope you guys will understand), let’s get to talking about this release!

Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!

B.A.P is a group under T.S. Entertainment that debuted in 2012. The members consist of Bang Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo.

Song: What a cute, not to mention very sweet, song! 🙂 All the members’ voices are so nice and were definitely very fitting for this song. The lyrics are so adorable as well and I don’t know about you guys but the song made me smile and feel all warm inside, hehe :3. I also really like the instrumentation (which doesn’t seem to be the typical kpop sound) and I enjoyed the whistling parts. I was wondering how well this song would fit Bang Yongguk’s deep (very very deep) voice but it actually works in its own way. 😀 I also personally really like Zelo’s voice and the way he sings (although I noticed that some people don’t) and I don’t think it’s awkward in this song. 🙂 The song is really nice and soothing (I realized I was bobbing my head too as I listened to it haha :P) and most importantly, it’s super cute! I approve. 🙂

Music Video: If the song is sweet, the video is so so so cute! :3 I was dying at how adorable all the members were. 🙂 I do admit that this video would probably not be as interesting if you aren’t a B.A.P fan… woops :O. One thing I appreciated, putting aside the fact that I am a fan, was the scenery of London and the places they filmed at because my oh my, it was so gorgeous! 😮 I was in love with all the settings and especially the red phone booth. 🙂 The cuteness of the members was what stood out the most to me, however, with their goofy dances, their head bobs, the phone calls, and all the gestures as well. 🙂 I also liked how the focus transitioned from one member to another within the same shot (if you guys understand what I’m saying :P). Everything screamed “I will make your heart melt!” 😀 and I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I also really loved their outfits (they look so good!) and who knew Zelo looked so good in glasses?! I really liked how natural, playful they seemed with each other, and I also liked the variety of shots and blunt edits from each one. Would you not die if these 6 boys were serenading you with this song and acting all cute like this? ❤ (Okay… tone down the fangirling please) I could go on and on about the things I loved in this video and how cute they were, but I’ll save you guys from the torture hehe :3 I had to watch the video a few times to digest everything that was happening haha. Although the video probably isn’t as meaningful or enjoyable to people that aren’t B.A.P fans, as one of them, I’m going to have to say that I love it and I can’t get enough! 😀

Overall, I really liked the song and the music video and I’d use “absolutely adorable” to describe both! What did you guys think? I have already downloaded the song, hehe 🙂 I realized that there were diverging opinions in regards to their concept for this release, compared to the ones they had previously. I’d love to know what you guys think about that too! Thanks for reading (I hope 2 posts a day doesn’t overwhelm you :P)

Hugs from your fellow K-popper! ❤

Talking about Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’m back with another post and today’s Talking about is on Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang! I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m really glad to be back posting and I’m having a lot of fun! 😀 Hope you guys are enjoying my posts too, and please don’t hesitate to leave comments! 🙂 Let’s get started!

Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!
Image taken from All rights go to the respective owners!

Taeyang is currently under YG Entertainment with the group Big Bang. They debuted in 2006.

Song: I don’t even know where to begin with this song because it’s so amazing! 😀 Taeyang’s voice is so soothing and smooth, which I think couldn’t have been more appropriate or perfect for this song. I’m so enticed by it that I could actually listen to it all day! (No kidding) This is definitely the style that I love, and I’m glad that it’s back. The best thing about the whole song, on top of what I just talked about, is that it’s catchy too, so I keep returning to press the replay button (hence, how I could listen to it all day). Being much more of an emotional song, Eyes, Nose, Lips mesmerized me even by my first listen, and I absolutely love it now. Maybe what I love so much about this song is how smooth and emotional it is, but what I’m trying to show with this post is that I’m obsessed with it! Go Taeyang! 🙂

Music Video: Judging by the comments on the video, I could tell there were mixed reactions :o. I thought that the video was rather simplistic, yes, and maybe not as elaborate as many people were expecting it to be. To be honest though, I was too immersed in the song to focus on the video when I first watched it. The first thing I noticed was ooh, shirtless Taeyang again! (I mean, hey, I’m not complaining :P) Once I got over that, I began to notice the way Taeyang’s movement in the video and something about the way his gestures and composure just kill me, especially with this song (I realize that might sound really weird, but it’s true!). I really liked the fire, crackling noise at the end (I don’t know, I’m just weird like that :P) and I think the video was suiting to the emotion that the song was trying to convey, but yes, I do understand some people’s opinions that the video could have been more eventful and interesting. I was too busy loving the song at first to be too worried about this aspect of the video, though :P.

Overall, I am in love with the song, and the video was nice in its own way too. 🙂 What did you guys think? Did you guys love it too? I know what song will be on the Songs of the Month list for June ;). I most definitely will be checking out Taeyang’s new album Rise, along with downloading this song as well. I’d love to know your opinion on not only the song, but the video as well! 😀 Thank you so much for reading!

Hugs from your fellow K-popper! ❤